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Caroline Munn is an art photographer whose quietly unsettling images stem from childhood memories and dreams. Her work is informed by her continuing exploration of uncanny space, a preoccupation that she has been pursuing since researching the cultural relevance of Sigmund Freud's essay 'The 'Uncanny'' in contemporary photography for her degree.

This exploration has led her across the Suffolk countryside, through woods to abandoned houses and most recently to the space within her home. Capturing fleeting moments, which the human eye does not always register, the resulting photographs are multi layered and can be read accordingly.

Munn's influences range from the art and writing of the Surrealists to fairy tales, superstitions and the Victorian language of flowers. Her practice is intuitive and experimental. The pictures are made by normal photographic capture; they are not digitally manipulated (beyond basic cropping and enlarging) and she sometimes takes advantage of the serendipitous mistake.